"A dance between two lovers...sensual romance naturally unfurls throughout the song. Luscious vocals, lustrous guitar licks, are a testament to constructing rich guitar arrangements that are not afraid to indulge in soul leanings." - Jonathan Frahm, Pop Matters

"Simon Lunche does something rare in modern pop music, though there is much more going on here than mere pop. "In My Arms" is the sound of a man bearing his soul, of being as open, honest and vulnerable as you can be and all in the name of love. It just doesn't happen these days. Of all the lyrical sentiment and love lorn rhetoric that pop is traditionally built on, I can't remember the last time I heard a record in that genre that felt anything other than a calculated bid to win the listeners pop dollar rather than pull on their heartstrings. Simon Lunche is here to re-write that wrong." - Dave Franklin

"Anyone who can capture such emotion and heart-on-(record) sleeve romance in such straight forward musical lines is going to be an artist you'll want to keep an eye on"..."Dripping with all the qualities that made Jeff Buckley's music so memorable" - Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

"Move over Ed Sheeran, there's a new heartbreaker in town...An Angel's Love is reminiscent of singer-songwriter greats such as John Mayer and Jeff Buckley, creating the perfect soothing tune for a nice, relaxing weekend. We can't wait to hear more!" - Independent Artists Buzz

"Pop with an infusion of R&B and soul...A delicious sonic layer cake" - MTM Music

"Lunche channels influences such as Leonard Cohen and Van Morrison, which makes his lyricism and instrumentation deep, insightful, and gorgeously haunting. With a strong-piano waving throughout the track, "An Angel's Love", will have you head over heels for Lunche" - Jane Lambert, Modern Mystery

"His singing and songwriting induces the kind of emotion that leaves you speechless" - Samantha Stevens, Penns Eye View


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