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Influenced by a solo performance of Eric Clapton's at age five, Berkeley, California, singer-songwriter Simon Lunche developed a precocious knack for guitar. Since then, at age thirteen he moved on to become the youngest ever to be endorsed by Gibson, earning his name for his stylings on a vintage '56 Stratocaster. Lunche's newest singles are a testament to his knack for crafting rich arrangements that are not afraid to indulge in soul leanings.

Simon Lunche has packed a near lifetime of musical experience into just 21 years. As the creative force behind former Bay Area based indie act, The Blondies, he's written and produced the band's entire catalog and made his name as a captivating live performer. Having spent the last decade as a frontman, Lunche now delivers a solo debut that brings a powerful new depth and even more dynamic vision to his artistry.

Formed when Lunche was 9 years old, The Blondies released their acclaimed album Just Another Evening in June 2016 and toured the Western US, right around the time of his high school graduation. While several of the older band members decided to focus on finishing college, Lunche opted to forego school and pursue music full time. Despite having written The Blondies four LPs on his own, Lunche quickly found that working as a solo artist added a greater degree of creative freedom and sparked an unexpected evolution in his sound.

As he settled into finding his voice as a lead guitarist, Lunche conjured up a guitar lick and composition that would make its way to multi Grammy Award winning engineer Dave Reitzas (who's previously worked with artists ranging from Barbra Streisand to The Weeknd). While working with Dave on his mixing, he met Sean Hurley (John Mayer bassist) who is currently in production with Simon on his upcoming album. At its center is Lunche's own luscious vocals, producing lustrous guitar licks along the way that help carry the tunes forward. Rounding it up is bass from Sean Hurley, drums from Aaron Sterling, and backing vocals from Tiffany Palmer (John Mayer) and Brandon Winbush (Tori Kelly), sealing the deal on a brand of music that Lunche acknowledges as "soul pop".

Simon is known for his dynamic live performances. Audiences claim that his guitar and voice take them to another place. He has been compared to John Mayer, Jeff Buckley, James Bay, and Ed Sheeran. 


Venues Played

2019 Independent Music Awards Nominee

Named Youngest Ever "Gibson Guitar Artist" 2011

Cherry Wine used in Genelec promotional video 2019

Shared bill with Josiah Johnson and Head and The Heart members 2018

Shared bill with Maggie Rose 2018

Big Fresno Fair Concert 2019

"Bay Noise" 99.7 Concert SF 2017

"Ones To Watch" (The Blondies) by Live 105/CBS SF 2016


An Angel's Love 2018

In My Arms 2018

Cherry Wine 2019

Marigolds 2019

Town by the Sea 2019

Album Release Winter 2019

Bottom of The Hill, San Francisco

Slims, San Francisco

Brick and Mortar, San Francisco

Blue Note, Napa

Sweetwater Music Hall, Marin

Freight and Salvage, Berkeley

Bowles Hall at UC Berkeley, Berkeley

New Parish, Oakland

Shine, Sacramento

Art Boutiki, San Jose

The Crepe Place, Santa Cruz

East Village Lounge, Monterey

Lestat's West, San Diego

Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles

Amplyfi, Hollywood

The Mint, Los Angeles

Velvet Jones, Santa Barbara

Linnaeas, San Luis Obispo

Columbia City Theater, Seattle WA

Royal Room, Seattle WA

The Analog, Portland OR

Sam Bonds Garage, Eugene OR

Lana Lou's, Vancouver BC

Paramount, Cheyenne WY

Brik, Denver CO

Rockwood Music Hall New York, NY


"Soulful singer-songwriter Simon Lunche's 'Cherry Wine' is a sweet and sumptuous jazz tinged single...with guitar skills far beyond his age"

Jonathan Frahm - Pop Matters

"Voice baked between a rich stack of guitar, a neck nuzzle of intimacy, skin soft and flaky, flows down the eardrums replenishing the well of romance. He's a dazling crooner, bringing his listeners to their knees, with a penchant for stinging guitars"

Jason Scott - B-Sides and Badlands

"Simon Lunche does something rare in modern pop music, though there is much more going on here than mere pop. The sound of a man bearing his soul, of being as open, honest and vulnerable as you can be, and all in the name of love. It just doesn't happen these days. Of all the lyrical sentiment and lovelorn rhetoric that pop is traditionally built on, I can't remember the last time I heard a record in that genre that felt anything other than a calculated bid to win the listeners pop dollar rather than pull on their heartstrings. Simon Lunche is here to re-write that wrong. Anyone who can capture such emotion and heart-on-(record) sleeve romance in such straight forward musical lines is going to be an artist you'll want to keep an eye on. Dripping with all the qualities that made Jeff Buckley's music so memorable"

Dave Franklin - Dancing About Architecture

"Move over Ed Sheeran, there's a new heartbreaker in town. Reminiscent of songwriter greats John Mayer and Jeff Buckley. I can't wait to hear more!"

Independent Artists Buzz

"Lunche channels influences such as Leonard Cohen and Van Morrison, which makes his lyricism and instrumentation deep, insightful, and gorgeously haunting"

Jane Lambert - Modern Mystery

"Pop with an infusion of R&B and soul...A delicious sonic layer cake!"

Joshua Smotherman - MTM Music

"His singing and songwriting induces the kind of emotion that leaves you speechless"

Samantha Stevens - Penns Eye View

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