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After being influenced by a solo performance of Eric Clapton's at age 5, Berkeley, California, singer-songwriter Simon Lunche developed a precocious knack for the guitar. At age thirteen he became the youngest ever to be endorsed by Gibson, but his true voice on the instrument was found in later teen years while playing his cherished 1956 Stratocaster.


Simon Lunche has packed a near lifetime of musical experience into just 25 years. As the creative force behind former Bay Area-based indie act, The Blondies, he wrote and produced the band's entire catalog and made his name as a captivating live performer - all between the ages of 9 and 18. After a successful tour for their album, 'Just Another Evening' the day after high school graduation, Simon was determined to pursue music full time as a solo artist which added a greater degree of creative freedom and sparked an unexpected evolution in his sound.


Lunche composed a song and subsequent guitar melody that inspired multi Grammy award winning engineer Dave Reitzas (Barbara Streisand, The Weeknd) to quickly join his creative company and become a trusted partner. Simon Lunche's solo debut EP, "Never Knew The Night", brings a powerful new depth and dynamic vision to his artistry sealing the deal on a brand of music that he acknowledges as "soul-pop". The world shut down, his tour and festival dates supporting the new album release were cancelled but that didn't stop him.

Coming off his first critically acclaimed solo album release during the pandemic,  Simon was sitting alone in his Berkeley, California childhood home thinking about his friends, his past, and the stories he's collected over the past 24 years. Through many phone conversations, lots of laughter and tears, the late night reminiscing with those close to him created an unexpected flood of memories and stories that he did not want to be lost - they had to be told. Seated at his 100 year old Steinway baby grand, with his '65 Strat in tow, the magical stories began blossoming. Simon is now literally having the time of his life re-living and recording the magic for his up-coming second album with his trusted partners Sean Hurley (bass - John Mayer), Lee Pardini (keys - Dawes), Victor Indrizzo (drums - Sheryl Crow, Lizzo, Chris Cornell), and multi Grammy award winning engineer Darrell Thorpe (Beck, Paul McCartney, Radiohead, Foo Fighters).

Simon is known for his dynamic live performances. Audiences claim that his guitar and voice take them to another place. He has been compared to John Mayer, Jeff Buckley, and James Bay.

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